MHCR Foster Application & Contract

Foster homes are the key to helping homeless dogs find their forever families. The care, training, and experience a dog gets while in a foster home is invaluable.
We are honored to have you consider MHCR as your partner on your fostering journey. We hope you find your rescue family here with us.
We hope you find your rescue family here with us.


Q:  How long will I have my foster dog?

  • In an effort to minimize stress on dogs in foster care, we hope you can keep your foster dog until it is adopted.  However, we recognize situations arise and we will work with you to transfer your foster dog if needed.

Q:  Where do the dogs needing foster come from ?

  • Most dogs come from shelters.  However, some are owner surrender and some have come from other foster homes.

Q:  Who covers veterinary costs of my foster dog?

  •  MHCR works with several vet clinics across the state.  We pay for veterinary care of our foster dogs at these clinics.

Q:  Do I have to attend events?

  • Due to the nature of our adoption process, events are not mandatory.   Our fosters can set up meet and greets with adotpers at times that work for them!

Q:  Can I foster if I have kids/pets/full-time job?

  • Yes, please!  We will work with you to find a foster dog to meet your needs!

Q:  What am I expected to provide?

  • We ask that you provide a loving, safe, home for  your foster dog to learn, live, and feel safe in.  Most of our fosters provide their own food, toys, blankets, however we can sometimes provide donated food. Crates are sometimes available on loan.

Q:  Have dogs needing foster seen a vet?

  • Before entering the state of Colorado, dogs coming to MHCR have seen a vet for vaccines and a health certificate.  Owner surrenders originating within the state may or may not have prior vet history.

Q:  Is there a facility to meet dogs in need of foster?

  • MHCR is 100% foster based.  Fosters generally commit to an incoming dog and pick them up directly from their transport/prior home/shelter.