Adoption Q&A

How do I adopt from MHCR?

  • Apply by submitting an adoption application. Please note: you must upload proof of ownership of your home (a property tax statement or mortgage statement will do) or if you rent, you must upload permission from your landlord and any breed/size/age restrictions.
  • Within 24-48 hours, you will receive a call or text to set up a home inspection.
  • Once your home inspection is complete, you will receive an email of approval or denial.
  • Once approved, it's time to meet dogs that would be ideal candidates for your home!
  • Our dogs are not placed in homes based on first come, first served. We strive to make a lifelong match and will consider multiple applications.

Who Can Adopt from MHCR?

  • Adopters must be age 21 or over.
  • Fences are not a requirement at MHCR. However, not every dog is a candidate for a home without a fence.
  • Renters welcome to apply with permission from their landlord.
  • Families with children are welcome to apply! Not every dog can handle a home with children, but a lot can!

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